From 10 steps to 4

When it comes to skincare, more isn’t always better. While indulging in a 10-step skincare routine certainly feels pampering, it’s not absolutely necessary to follow each step to achieve good, glowing complexion. In some cases, piling on numerous products can even lead to clogged pores. Instead of slathering serums after serums, you should focus on finding the right products for your skin type and lifestyle. It’s all about quality over quantity! And by simplifying your skincare routine, you can also save time and money. Here’s how you can do it.

Step 1: Clean

Aside from its ability to effectively remove impurities, another factor that you should consider when choosing a cleanser is its compatibility with your skin. Foam formulas work best for oily skin types as they cleanse the skin without stripping away moisture. You should look for cleansers that produces dense foam as they are great at lifting away impurities while preventing them from going back to the skin while rinsing. On the other hand, dry-skinned gals can benefit from rich, foaming gel-lotion cleansers to nourish their skin with hydrating ingredients like cucumber extract and glycerin.

After cleansing, apply toner onto the skin to ensure that all dirt and makeup are removed. Toner also works as a bridge to prep your skin for the next step. We recommend toners with soothing properties to restore the skin’s pH balance and protect the skin barrier.

Step 2: Treat

Whether it’s treating acne or diminishing hyperpigmentation, each of us has unique skin concerns that we want to address. That’s where serums and specialised facials oils come in. These ultra potent formulas have concentrated, active ingredients to target specific needs. Need to get rid of acne scars? Go for a serum with activated vitamin C and plant extracts to help fade dark spots. Or maybe you need a skin booster to achieve plumper skin? Then, serums with yeast extracts, antioxidant and humectants are your heroes. The key is identifying your problem areas and picking the right formula to combat them.

Step 3: Moisturise

Moisturising your skin after applying serum isn’t just for hydration purposes. It’s also to seal in the ingredients so that it can penetrate the skin deeper, increasing its efficacy. In general, lightweight moisturisers or hyaluronic-infused creams are best for our humid tropical weather. Don’t forget to give your eyes some lovin’ too. Make it a habit to use eye creams in the morning and evening to treat puffy eyes and diminish fine lines.

Step 4: Sunblock (AM only)

Putting on sunscreen every morning may feel like a drag, especially if you’re strapped for time. But trust us, in the long run, your diligence will pay off. Prevent premature aging by choosing a broad-spectrum sunscreen that will protect you both from UVA and UVB rays. Pick one that’s non-comedogenic and leaves a velvety matte finish so you can layer on your makeup with ease.

Consult with an expert

Streamlining your skincare routine means that you should be extra vigilant in choosing the right products for your complexion. But don’t let that stress you out, leave all the worries behind and just consult with an expert. You can visit any Kiehl’s branch (link to page with all Kiehl’s branches) and ask for a personalised skincare consultation. We even provide samples so you can test it out and see the results for yourself.

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